What we offer

Public Events

Opening: The opening takes place at the Hotel Ritz in Madrid, (Royal Lounge) in the morning session of the first day. A selected group of entrepreneurs and international investors will attend the official opening ceremony.

Luncheons: Luncheons take place throughout SID at the Hotel Ritz in Madrid (Alfonso XIII Lounge). On these one-hour lunches an economy analyst addresses a conference followed by a debate between a group of investors and invited companies.

Gala Dinner: The gala dinner takes place on the first evening.  A number of investors and relevant companies attend the event.

Private Meetings

“One to many”  type meetings.

A senior manager attendee has the opportunity to make a presentation to a group of about 80-100 investors.  It has 30 minutes for the exposition and 10 minutes for questions and answers. Media will not be present at these kind of meetings.  The presentations are addressed only to the international investors and team members of the company.


“One to one” type meetings.

Spain Investors Day and Exane BNP Paribas will be scheduling “one to one” meetings between listed companies and international investors.

These types of meetings are one-hour private consultations where discussions and information exchange between the company and the investor institution take place. In the 2010 edition, 451 “one to one” meetings were held. Regarding the 2016 edition, 550 “one to one” meetings were held.

In addition to the above mentioned participation levels, we offer a networking room available for all participants at the event, where they can have access to the Bloomberg and Reuters TV monitors. Coffee service is included.